Friday, May 6, 2016

What its like to be a trainee

Six weeks ago my Mission President asked me to serve as a trainer. My trainee's name is Sister Hart and she is from Arizona. She is the coolest ever and I asked her to answer the question "what it is like to be a trainee" and I thought you might enjoy her response.


What its like to be a trainee
By Sister Hart 💕

What is it like to be a trainee? Well it's kinda like always imagining a chocolate cake... Like basically day dreaming about it, and then one day you finally get to eat this chocolate cake that you've been day dreaming about and it's way better than you expected. Yes, way better! 

Before I came on my mission, I was expecting it to be so hard that I would just totally want to go home. I mean, it is hard don't get me wrong, but not in the way you would expect. It's hard because you love the people so much, that you just get saddened by the fact that some of them are just not fully prepared to learn about the gospel. It's hard because you spend so much time and energy finding people who ARE ready to learn about this beautiful gospel, but they keep rejecting it. It's hard because when you think you've finally found the one who is ready, they decide that they aren't. But you know what isn't hard? Staying out here, working my hardest, and loving everyone I come into contact with. It's not hard to devote my heart and soul into not only serving the people of Florida, but also my God, AND my savior and redeemer Jesus Christ. 

To be a trainee means to get out of your comfort zone and try things that you never thought you would. It is the time in your mission when you basically decide what kind of missionary you want to be for the next 18 months. It's where you can learn all of these great things about yourself, because trust me, I've learned a ton of stuff about myself that I didn't even know. 

So the chocolate cake I have been day dreaming about since I opened my call, is WAY better than I expected. It's hard, yes, but the sore feet at the end of the night, and the sweaty back from the Florida heat is so worth it. And it's all because I know what this gospel can do for a person, and if I'm not trying my hardest to let everyone know, then I'm not being the missionary I decided to be the day I met my trainer. 

Being a trainee is tough, because you have to adjust to everything around you, but it's the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone you were called to teach. 


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